I perform for public venues: schools, libraries, community events, etc.   Advance bookings always welcome ; October events with "The Ghost Teller" fill up VERY fast. Most engagements are limited to an approximate 2-hr one-way  distance from Cordell, Oklahoma. Shorter distances for evening events. I will need to know age range, theme or purpose of event, and time length.

My fee structure & Requirements Are:

Story Performance: $150.00
Mileage (2-way at current IRS rate - .50 per mile)
This is approximately a 30-45 minute program of stories specially selected, learned, and presented in a professional manner. The time may vary depending on the professional estimation of the teller - less time for younger or less attentive audiences and more to older audiences.

Story Program: $200-250
Mileage (2-way at current IRS rate - .50 per mile)

This is an approximate 45 to 60 minute program of stories presented through costume, first person character or other creative means. The content contains stories researched and constructed by Marilyn A. Hudson to fit specific themes of history, etc.

Workshops (1 hr.): $150.00
Mileage (2-way at current IRS rate - .50 per mile)

This is a 1 hour program of instruction geared to skill transfer and motivation for learning the art and craft of storytelling. Factors such as audience age and skill diversity may impact length and scope of workshop.

My travel range is:
Primarily around west-central Oklahoma 
Note: Advance bookings beyond this range may be possible if enough time is allowed. Additional costs may incur for mileage or room.

  • Bottled water (room temp.) deeply appreciated
  • Map or clear directions; contact information; all information needed for locating venue
  • Copy of any PR, ads, flyers, news articles etc. (pre and post event for my records and my own grant writing needs)
  • Sound - if possible (if none available let me know in advance)

I like to be able to travel with several of my books when possible and would like to be able to sell those as well at each venue.

Professional Storyteller