Podcast: "The Lost Church" (Spooky Story)


I perform for public venues: schools, libraries, community events, etc.   Advance bookings always welcome ; October events with "The Ghost Teller" fill up VERY fast.

My fee structure is:
Story Performance: $100.00
Mileage (2-way at current IRS rate - .50 per mile)
This is approximately a 30-45 minute program of stories specially selected, learned, and presented in a professional manner. The time may vary depending on the professional estimation of the teller - less time for younger or less attentive audiences and more to older audiences.
My travel range is:
Primarily around central Oklahoma
Note: Advance bookings beyond this range may be possible if enough time is allowed.

  • Bottled water (room temp.) appreciated
  • Map or clear directions; contact information; all information
  • Copy of any PR, ads, flyers, news articles etc. (pre and post event)
  • Sound - if possible (if none available let me know in advance)

I like to be able to travel with several of my books when possible and would like to be able to sell those as well at each venue.

Professional Storyteller