Wednesday, June 24, 2015

THINGS OF VALUE : In Preparation a Storytelling Program of History

 Things of Value” – Young bride Elizabeth was certain she knew what was valuable in her life. When her husband packs them on a wagon to head to Oregon, life has some surprises in store.

“Two Sisters and A War”- Two sisters married two brothers and as the Civil War began the family, once so close, divided. Hear the adventures of these two real sisters as they face hardships, danger and hardheaded husbands.

“The Bottomless Well” – When Davy is asked to help his father make the Cherokee Strip Land Run he discovers just little things mean a lot. (Can be used with younger audiences)

True historic tales, spiced with facts and insights into life in the time periods, shared dramatically and engagingly, by storyteller-author, Marilyn A. Hudson.

Audience: 4th grade and up (Perfect for biography or Civil War units)

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